At first there was nothing suspicious, but when his fourth wife disappeared, people began to suspect. Finally the man was arrested by police. Fortunately this only happens in the latest movie that will be aired on the Lifetime television network. Rob Lowe installed to portray Drew Peterson, a police sergeant who lives to kill his own wife.

The film was removed from the true story that happened recently. Drew Peterson, a former police sergeant was arrested on charges of killing his wife in 2004. Initially the death of Peterson's third wife was regarded as an accident but later appeared to corner information Peterson positions. Unfortunately Splash News did not mention the titles that will be used Lifetime.

In the same news also mentioned that this film would be starring Kaley Cuoco who played in THE BIG BANG THEORY. Kaley will play Stacy, the fourth wife of Peterson, who disappeared in May 2010. Rob Lowe is already no longer productive as ever. This year she starred in two films, I Melt With You and Breakaway. Rob's name began to be known when starring in The Outsiders with Tom Cruise in 1983 ago.

Rob Lowe allegedly killing his third wife?


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