Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakly a relationship since 2009. Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard England officially engaged to his girlfriend, television broadcaster Christine Bleakley.

Agent Bleakley reveals surprises this engagement occurs when Bleakly and Lampard are in Los Angeles, United States.

"Both are very happy but there are no plans to marry in the near future," said agent Bleakly. They also would not give further explanation about the engagement, "he added.

Previously engaged to Elen Rives Lampard, who gave him two daughters. Bleakly known as a BBC television announcer before moving to ITV.

Congratulations to Bleakly and Lampard come from various backgrounds, including friends of Bleakly, Tasmin Lucia Khan.

"The word marriage! Congratulations to Christine who has been engaged to Frank Lampard in LA," Khan said via his Twitter account. "Finally he (Lampard) engaged (with Bleakly), 'Khan said.

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