Oily skin can be very beneficial for our skin moist always awake. This means the number of wrinkles needs extra effort to leave footprints on our face.

But on the other hand, oily skin also causes problems. Especially when we choose the liquid makeup to beautify themselves. Oil and liquid makeup is not so friendly.

According to Bobby Brown, renowned makeup artist from the United States, there is still the owner of the solution for oily skin to look beautiful.

The first thing to do is make sure your face is clean. Choose a facial cleanser containing alpha or beta-hydroxy acid that can shrink the pores of the face.

After that, do not forget to use sunscreen cream. This is to protect our skin cells from exposure to ultraviolet light.

Only after the basic ritual that we do, choose a matte foundation type that can absorb the oil in our face all day. As for the powder, we can choose a barium mineral.

This lightweight makeup will help the pores of the face remained addition to light, mineral makeup will not 'overload' our pores. So the risk of acne can be suppressed.

As an 'extra weapon', do not forget to provide paper oil. This is the proper way of lifting the oil pressed from the face without compromising the beauty of makeup that we use.

Stay Beautiful with Oily Skin


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