Some types of vegetables and fruit has been proven to prevent the spread of cancer cells, the invincible one is broccoli. This dense green vegetables contain antioxidant compounds that help neutralize carcinogens.

Broccoli contains substances that stimulate the detoxification enzymes that help the body naturally eliminate toxins that cause cancer and dangerous.

Indole-3-carbinol, a substance found in broccoli, even very good for maintaining women's health. Research shows, this substance reduces the risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer, and help suppress the activity of cancer cells that already exist. The green is also loaded kemprefol flavonoids, which protect the body against ovarian cancer.

Excess broccoli not only because he was also a source of folic acid, vitamin B is needed to establish and protect DNA, producing blood cells, forming new cells, and synthesize proteins. Folic acid is also associated with reduced risk of cancer in adults.

There are several reasons why broccoli is a vegetable that is important for women's health. First, folic acid is a substance that is important for pregnant women to the development of the nervous system and prevent fetal brain defects and spinal cord.

Second, research shows, women are more prone to depression than men and depression associated with folic acid deficiency. The good news, increasing intake of folic acid effective to increase serotonin levels and reduce symptoms of depression.

Additional other bonuses, broccoli is a source of fiber, vitamin C, K, E, and A, and various important minerals. In addition, as a natural diuretic, broccoli helps reduce the symptoms of bloating and fluid retention before menstruation.

For optimal taste and nutrition, it is advisable to treat the steamed broccoli in a way not more than five minutes or until the color is a little green light. Add virgin olive oil, lemon, or salt to taste.


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