Apple iPad might just be the goods 'magic and revolutionary'. But sometimes, this thing looks familiar in both the world’s Android and Apple. Why?

Here are some of the most horrific examples of plagiarism by Apple and Android.


Android device manufacturers such as Samsung have long been copying Apple's style. Photos and illustrations are at the All Things Digital show, Samsung-made device looks almost identical to Apple's devices, except the logo.

Meanwhile, new Samsung Tab tablets Galaxy is basically a generic brand iPad. The biggest difference (other than the operating system (OS), Android) is, this tablet has three different sizes.

Of course, all Android tablet makers struggled to distinguish their goods from iPad because all devices of this kind can be described 'as iPad'. Even in the world of smartphones, despite the Android market share continues to increase, the iPhone still remains a benchmark.

Not without reason, Android itself has always been a copycat. Before the iPhone came out, the prototype Android devices like the BlackBerry, but now these devices have a multitouch screen and a row of application icons.

Should Android like this? According to Jared Spurbeck technology activists, not like that. Sense HTC HTC uses to create a very classy experience on Android phones. This is exactly one of the many things that could fix the original OS.

Meanwhile, retailers United States (U.S.), Barnes and Noble Android interface redesigned from the ground up for the series Nook tablets. Not only to be 'original' also facilitate the use of Nook. So far, the strategy appears to be quite potent.


Apple has a reputation for innovation and original experience to its customers. However, Steve Jobs was quoted as saying Picasso, regarded as 'great artists steal'. Through the latest update IOS, iPhone and iPad OS is increasingly confirmed it.

Of all Android features that distinguish it with Apple products, Apple chose to copy some of the features of Android. New notification area actually used Apple has long used the Android.

In addition, IOS devices no longer require a PC or Mac to synchronize with iTunes. Instead, they use the service iCloud, in this way similar to how Android devices synchronize with Google's web applications.

Is this plagiarism results could be good?

Jobs phrase, "No single person can create something truly original" seems to be a reflection. All creation is a reflection of their experiences.

In addition, the creation is going to be a refinement of what they use and the previous design. According Spurbeck, Android and Apple's product is not much different. "The presence of genuine goods, such as Nook or the Windows 7 Phone Microsoft makes something that appeared fresh."


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