After becoming the beloved wife of Prince William, The Duchess of Cambridge is increasingly recognized as an iconic fashion world. But who would have thought she was 29 that 'love' old clothes.

Impressive appearance of modern, simple, elegant style of Kate, apparently did not abandon the tradition of royal dress. Kate intelligent fuse fashion frontier, including re-using old fashion collection.

Kate, as a noble woman does not hesitate to come up with the same fashion, on different occasions. Old clothing for more than two years old stay beautiful she was wearing, with a unified frontier and a different accessories.

Just look how she dressed when attending the anniversary celebration of the Duke of Edinburgh in the 90th, Sunday (6/12/2011) ago. Pippa Middleton sisters was wearing blue overalls jacquard jacket model.

The same outfit she wore while attending the wedding of Prince William's close friend, Nicholas van Cutsem, in 2009. Only this time, Catherine combines it with her favorite shoes, LK Bennett.

A day earlier, she also chose a long dress to attend wedding close friend, Sam Waley-Cohen. She wore a black silk cocktail dress and white. The canal was once Kate was wearing when the club night in London with her sister, Pippa, in 2007, when a short break with William.

Kate Middleton


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