Porsche watchesIf you are a lover of fashion and the Porsche brand, try the lyrics of these watches. These watches cost almost three times more expensive than cars like the Porsche Cayman or Boxter.

Porsche watches are released at a price of 990,000 dirhams, or about USD 2.3 billion. While in their home country, Germany, Porsche just off Porsche Cayman and Boxter diangka about 60 thousand euros, or approximately USD 800 million only.

Look of the watch made ​​similar to Porsche's tires are designed by Porsche and produced by a Swiss watch company called Eterna. And there are only 50 hours to be produced into the world.

Porsche watches

Body clock sold at Porsche Design store in Dubai Mall is lined with 18 carat gold is coupled with titanium gold and rubber to make the sporty and stylish appearance.

Dubai Mall store was first ordered a two-hour limited edition in 2008 and received the first shipment in 2009. We have had 7 hours to this unique.

Wael al Takhin, general manager at Porsche Design in the UAE said that the demand is high enough hours. "People want to be unique and different, they do not want to walk down the street and see someone wearing the same thing," he said as detikOto quotes from The National, Wednesday (06/15/2011).


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