Kate Middleton may be looking so graceful after a fiancee and become wife of Prince William. But in her adolescence, she had turned out 'pretty wild', even kissing and making out with a girl!

This happened when she studied at the school dormitory at Malborough College in 1996. At that time, she was aged 14 years and she is a shy girl who never kissed a boy. Kate finally made ​​friends with a girl named Jessica Hay, who revealed that she had kissed him.

"I kissed her on the lips. Our eyes locked and we began full kissing. We were imagining that we're kiss a man," Jessica said.

Kate Middleton Ever Being LesbianHowever, Jessica denied that kiss is considered to lesbian kiss. "It's more like a love that benefit each other, as well as an intimate friendship. If you combine adolescent hormones with alcohol, of course things like this would happen," said the friend.

Talking about her friendship with a woman who now holds the Duchess of Cambridge, Jessica said, "I am a protector, a good friend, and the guard, making sure she was really involved with school life." So, if they are not a lesbian couple, then she attracted to? "She has a poster of Prince William in our room at the hostel. She always said that William seems to be a good person, loving and sensitive,"said Jessica.


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