A study claims that a woman who was successful in his career was often an affair.

As reported by the Dailymail, studies in the Netherlands show, a woman who held high positions in his office are also more susceptible involved affair than women with normal position.

The study was conducted Joris Lammers, professor of Tilburg University in the Netherlands. He studied the behavior of more than 1,500 readers of business magazines, ranging from the high to low position.

In the study, respondents were asked their opinions about power, how much confidence to their status in the office, and how dare they take the risk.

As a result the scientists discovered that women who held high office interested in the challenges and high risk. Affair, so one way to meet the 'desire' challenge. The cause is not because low-high moral maturity, but of power and opportunity.

"Power can slowly damage the morality and increase the willingness to take risks in relationships. Effect of power in women, as strong as men, " said the researcher.

The same opinion was also expressed Rosie Freeman-Jones, a nurse who is also the site of illicit Encounters wedding consultant. According to him, one of three successful women want to try to relate to men other than her lover.

"Both men and women with high positions like looking for a challenge. Therefore, they tend to like taking risks, one of them having an affair,"explained Rosie.

The results of this study certainly can not be beaten flat and become obstacles women to achieve career success as high. But better to know the trend of behavior in women with high power. [mor]


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