Britney Spears re-tripping problem. This time he was prosecuted by attorneys Brand Sense Partners for breach of contract over 35 per cent commission that was agreed as part of a deal to them over Britney's perfume business as Radiance, Midnight and Curious.

Brand Sense Partners to press charges of USD 10 million to Britney and Jamie Spears, Britney's father as managing finances. This case occurred after Britney asks all perfume sales royalties sent to her and make a secret deal with Elizabeth Arden.

The company has filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court asks Britney to come during a deposition in connection with the lawsuit. As they have said many times attempts have been made, but blocked by Britney.

As quoted from documents obtained RadarOnline, Britney has given notice to come during a deposition on 29 April, but could not.

Session to hear testimony scheduled to be set July 11 when Judge deciding whether to come in the deposition.


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