As the temperatures fall, the frivolity of summer frocks gives way to seriously gorgeous, sharply cut outfits. Instead of frills and ruffles, structured cuts and simplicity rule.

Unlike past seasons where minimalist clothes demanded that one goes sans jewelry, this seasons looks are best highlighted with statement pieces. Timeless pieces that turn heads and go with simple clothes in black or rich colors. Hey, you can even wear with spring and summer's lightweight dresses to add oomph to your look.

For starters, costume jewelry is back. With a vengeance. One can only go so far with precious gemstones. Even if you could afford statement jewelry items with giant diamonds or rubies, you would be a walking temptation to robbers, even in broad daylight. Who wants to get mugged?

Even the very wealthy with stashes of priceless jewelry would keep the real items in a safe and wear imitations of their jewels in public.

The best thing about these imitations is that they are very affordable. You could dress like a millionaire even if you are on a tight budget. Just accessorize your new gown or little black dress with an absolutely stunning crystal necklace.

Crystals are everywhere in the full spectrum of color. What better way to bring life to a structured dress with little detail than to accessorize it with brightly colored rocks. One statement accessory is enough. A small collection of statement jewelry is all you need to create your signature look. Wear one item at a time with your favorite dress. A change of accessories freshens your look instantly.

Cuff bracelets are statement jewels that turn a simple sheathe into a stunning outfit. Your little black sleeveless dress or strapless gown looks even more amazing with the addition of a single cuff bracelet.

Now is the time to collect statement jewelry to create your signature look. Take advantage of this season's offerings to build up your jewelry wardrobe.


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