You have probably heard that successful blogs contain great
content, but I doubt anyone has told you that flourishing blogs
have great titles. There are two audiences you have to consider
when writing your blog post title. It would be great if all you
had to worry about was your loyal readers but you can’t forget
about google, yahoo and other search engine sites. These sources
are just as important because they help you acquire more loyal
readers. Here is a list of certain ways to tweak your titles
making your blog search engine and reader friendly.

Interest Readers

This is pretty obvious, but if you want visitors to read then
you have to be witty and inspiring. Ways to do this could be by
asking questions or giving advice, just make sure you answer the
question or provide advice inside the body, otherwise your title
is misleading and you can build a bad reputation with unhappy

Use Google Keywords in your title

If you have any experience with search engine optimization then
this should be easier for you. The hard part is creating an
interesting title using google friendly keywords. It is
important to remember not to use too many words because your
title needs to remain enticing to the reader. An example of a
way to make your title more google friendly is the title: Seven
Horrible Ways To Ruin a Blog. People tend to search for positive
messages instead of negative ones when searching the internet. A
better title would be, Seven Ways to Help You Fix a Ruined Blog.
This title adds two positives (help/fix) and takes away from the
previous title’s negative tone.

Word Order

Believe it or not the word order of your post can really have a
drastic effect on your search engine ranking. The good news is
that you can rearrange these words without taking away from the
desired effect on your target audiences. Here is a title that
does not gain a high search engine rating: Five Tips to
Enhancing Your Blog. Here is a revised version with an expected
better google ranking : Enhancing Your Blog: Five Tips for
Success. Simple little word changes like this could nearly
double your current traffic

Your blog title is not the only factor contributing to the
success of your blog. It is indeed the great content that sets
the bar from poor and excellent blogs, but the better your title
the better the chance you have of acquiring new readers. To keep
the readers your context must be good. Titles are just the
building block to attract traffic.


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