Hearing the name of Vivienne Westwood, your mind must be immediately reminded of the results of her work designing the HP notebook at the time. Now the designer back by creating bags made ​​from recycled material.

When Westwood Ethical Fashion Africa Project launched in January 2010, the line of this initiative is supported by the International Trade Centre presents three shopping bags in Nairobi hand made ​​using recycled materials completely. These bags sold out in an instant.

The project is an inspiring challenge for Westwood, which has a high awareness of the environment. Her team were forced to be creative with cotton tents, electrical cables, and plastic bags.

''It is important to use recycled materials and material production end of the chain of Kenya. We want to buy as little as possible,'' she said as quoted vogue.com site.

''Working with whatever material is available and find solutions based on the restriction is interesting,''added the designer who popularized the modern style of punk and new wave that.

But this project is not only beneficial to the environment, but also help women who struggle in Africa to reduce their dependence on aid.

Now designer born 8 April 1941 was a step further and extend that line to include holiday bag, shopping bag man, clutch, and the case iPad and laptops.

''We want to work with different communities with different expertise and resources. For example, adding a metal logo, zipper wire, or other details that help create jobs," said Westwood.

Recycling bags a la Vivienne Westwood


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