Los Angeles - Gwen Stefani successfully collected more than U.S. $ 120,000 to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami of Japan, held a tea party themed after harajuku.

Musicians No Doubt, Gwen Stefani who like Japanese culture and have a group of Japanese dancers called Harajuku Girls harajuku themed tea party held at the Royal / T Cafe in Culver City, California, USA on Tuesday (7 / 6).

Gwen managed to collect U.S. $ 120,000 which she donated to victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster through Save the Children Japan's Japan Earthquake Emergency Fund.

Do not Speak singer was with her husband, children and their parents do not just serve tea to guests contributor to Japan's quake, she also presents the action music with her band.

Gwen matter of surprise to see the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami disaster in March 2011.

Gwen Stefani


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