The Lovely Bones is not a successful film. Studio does not work to earn bigger profits from the film in circulation from 24 November 2009. What's worse, the film reportedly was made by Peter Jackson received many complaints from viewers. They complained about the rating that was not in accordance with the existing scene in the movie itself.

According to Splash News, reported by the Paramount Pictures film that received a rating 12A of British censors, which means children, can watch this film if accompanied by parents. In fact, the film is told in this film the main character being killed by a pedophile. To them, this story is not to behold the children despite being accompanied by their parents. The Lovely Bones himself starring Saoirse Ronan and adapted from the novel by Alice Sebold.

The Lovely Bones In addition there are still other films that also harvest complain of the audience. TOY STORY 3 for example, gets 12 complaints because there are tangible baby toys character with one eye while THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG get 6 complaints because there are elements of black magic in Disney's movie production.

'The Lovely Bones', Most Often Movie to Complaints


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