After the latter often appear grim and 'neglected', it looks like Keanu Reeves back cheerful. How not, if there is a beautiful woman who looks to accompany him. New Girlfriend?

When found in London, yesterday (06/11/2011), Keanu look 'shine', accompanied by a woman. The actor, the latter rarely smiled and had even cast a smile when he seen leaving restaurant Nobu Berkley with this dark-haired woman.

As usual, Keanu still looked embarrassed in front of the camera reporter, but also could not hide the happiness of his face. Keanu appeared relaxed with longish hair and a mustache and bowl, while the women appear quite stylish with short hair, jeans mini skirt, and orange jacket.

THE MATRIX star is known as someone who 'gloomy' since the death of his lover in 2001 due to car crashes. At that time, Jennifer Syme, the beloved, recently gave birth to their daughter named Ava Archer.

Keanu Reeves Finally Got a Girlfriend Again


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