SANTIAGO - Seven people were arrested for bicyclist violates the moral. They were arrested at the time of Nude Cycling Day celebrations in Chile.

Nude cycling movement for the first time carried out in Chile. While some other big cities in the world are already doing this.

The cyclist was wearing them before, but when on the way to Plaza Italia, they took off the clothes they wear.

Santiago City is one city that follows the Naked Biking Day event, a global event created in 2004 to protest against oil dependency and ask the right attention to bikers.

The demonstrators are hoping to get the attention of consciousness to get the right drive safely in the capital of Chile. Santiago itself is the most polluted city in Latin America.

While approximately 500 people in Mexico City cyclists also gathered to celebrate the Day Nude Cycling under the blazing sun in the plaza Reforma.

As reported by AFP on Monday (6/13/2011), Saturday is a celebration of the sixth time in Mexico City, and every year participants increases.

While in London, this event has been held eight times, the cyclists took the route with the famous area in London. The participants were many who decorate their bodies with messages of protest against oil dependency and use of motor vehicles.

Celebrate Nude Cycling Day 7 People Arrested


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