The celebrities seem to be really careful with what they wear. Slightly curved, there is an annex paparazzi cameras! This is what happened to Britney Spears, who was accidentally showing off pink panties!

In a recent appearance, pretty blond woman was caught on camera with the image that is quite inappropriate. When Britney will go up to the car wearing a mini dress, was accidentally lacy pink panties she was wearing looked and caught on camera reporter.

Britney was with her ​​lover, Jason Trawick, when leaving the Sanctum Soho Hotel in London, for the purposes of filming a video clip that will be working on Criminal. Britney looked fresh-colored gown hijay, while the lovers prefer a relaxed setting with a plaid shirt and khaki pants.

In addition to filming a video clip, Britney will also be promoting his tour Femme Fatale which will be held in Europe from 22 September. Hmm, watch out wardrobe malfunction again!


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