PT. Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) held a meeting supplier activities as a first step of the plan and commitment in realizing the product Low Cost Green Car (LCGC). Approximately 500 suppliers from Indonesia and Asia region are excited to follow events held in Convention Hall at Balai Kartini in 15 to 16 September 2011 last. The purpose of convening this event to explore the possibility of cooperation between the suppliers to Nissan.

"With the rapid growth of Nissan in Indonesia, it is important for both parties (NMI and suppliers) to have the same understanding about the business prospects in Indonesia as a whole, as well as understand what Nissan has achieved so far." said Takayuki Kimura, President of NMI in an official statement received Okezone.

Takayuki added, results to be achieved through this meeting, we expect the cooperation with parties who have the same vision with us. This activity also aims to gain better business processes with the vendor, and further explore the possibility of increasing localization.

Within two years, Nissan will invest 25 billion yen (equivalent to 312.5 million U.S. dollars) to realize an increase in production capacity, developing a new engine assembly plant, as well as increased localization.

Activities of suppliers meeting is expected to accelerate efforts to improve localization company more than 80% in 2012, and became a solid foundation for the NMI to reach the middle-term target in 2013. LCGC intentions in marketing the company is also expected to increase the coverage of the Nissan product segment to reach 80 percent in 2014.


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