ENGLAND - The cost of education is not the only consideration when choosing a college abroad. Cost of living should also be taken into account prospective students, suppose you consider the price of one cup of coffee, movie tickets and a quart of milk.
For you who want to study abroad, the following guide 10 destination countries for international students based on the cost of living.

This data is based on the QS World University Rangkings 2011/2012. QS conducted a survey on 33 thousand global academia. All the countries listed offer introductory courses with English language. It is quoted from the Telegraph, Sunday (09/18/2011).

1. Canada

For you who make movies and caffeine as a regular requirement, Canada is a great place to study. The cost of a movie and a cup of coffee priced at 10 pounds. While the tuition fee amounting to 11 thousand poundsterlingper years.

2. German

Germany is one country with the largest university in Europe which has more than 300 higher education institutions. The cost of education is limited to about 1250 pounds.

While the average cup of coffee priced £ 1.60. And the cost of a movie for 7.30 pounds.

3. Australia

Kangaroos in this country, the average coffee priced £ 1.62 per cup, or the same with a bottle of water. For students who want stronger drinks such as beer, the price of 2 pounds.

Australia is known as one of the most popular destinations in the world of education. This is thanks to the combination of sun, sand beaches, and a strong university. But recent times, its popularity diminished due to visa and migration policy more stringent.

4. Italy

A cup of cappuccino in Italy appreciated valued at £ 1.65, even cheaper priced macchiato cup. While college costs include low-cost, no more than 1.250 pounds.

However, the price of one cinema ticket is among the most expensive in Europe, amounting to 10.50 pounds. Cinema ticket prices are not much different from the price of tickets to the Italian football league by 13 pounds.

This year, the best Italian universities are the University of Bologna who was ranked 183 QS.

5. Denmark

University in Denmark is very international, highly respected, and free for students from the European Union. Moreover, most Danish citizens can speak English very well.

A cup of coffee cost £ 1.80, the price of one cinema ticket worth 10 pounds and 1.20 pounds of beer valued.

However, finding a place to live in Denmark quite difficult, because it's prospective students are advised to look for it as early as possible.

6. United States (U.S.)

United States is a country with the highest number of universities in the world, in which six of them entered the top 10 best universities QS version.

In general, the cost of living in America are cheaper than the UK. The price of a cup of coffee worth 2 pounds, cinema tickets about 5 pounds and the price of a small beer about one pound.

However, college costs, including expensive due to increase to 26 thousand pounds. Moreover, competition to enter popular majors in America, is very high. Moreover, student visa requirements is quite difficult.

7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has some of the best universities in Asia and offer a variety of educational programs. The cost of housing in the former British colony is indeed very expensive. However, coffee prices are cheaper than the UK that is equal to 2 pounds and the price of cinema tickets £ 7. While the annual tuition of about nine thousand pounds.

8. Finland

Despite its reputation as the country with expensive cost of living, Finland does not charge tuition to students from the European Union. Even the price of coffee, movie tickets, and a quart of milk in this country, more expensive than the current cost Inggris.Sementara mingle at night, is quite large for a single glass of beer priced at 4.50.

Finland is known as the country with the best quality of life in the world. In addition, European countries are also named as the country with the best education systems in the world.

9. UK

Although the cost of college increased to nine thousand pounds from 2012, students who want to pursue studies in the UK can still make a profit. Because the four universities from the UK into the top 10 best universities in the world version of QS.

Besides can choose to study at the world's best universities, students also can find entertainment in watching movies. The cost of a cinema ticket priced at nine pounds, one glass of beer on average for 3.40 pounds and 2.50 pounds for a cup of coffee.

10. Norway

Together with Finland, Norway is known as the country with the highest living standards in the world. However, the cost of free healthcare provided to students who live more than three months.

Such as Denmark, colleges in Norway offer a wide range of college majors and free for students from the European Union. However, for the cost of living, including expensive Norway. A cup of coffee priced at an average of 3:20 pounds and beer average of 6 pounds.


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