Living a life as an artist, certainly will not escape from the frenetic life of a glamorous and glitzy. However, bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor just another opinion. According to him, life as an artist, especially his life, is not as glitzy as long as people are saying this.

Ranbir career that is now being hoisted indeed make it are often made headlines in the media. Therefore it normal that then fans think that life is very glamorous. But Ranbir himself revealed that all those reported have been exaggerated.

"At first it is kind of shy anyway. But for long accustomed too. In fact, sometimes I enjoy it. Gak all who reported it wrong. 80 percent correct in fact, only of course there is a little exaggerated," said Ranbir, as reported by the timesofindia.indiatimes . com.

Furthermore, Ranbir also revealed that the submarine is he just an ordinary life. He's always doing normal things like normal humans. Things are certainly very far from the glamorous life.

"They were making life even more glamorous than the original. Though his life is simple. Wake up, brush teeth, go to work continued to come home," he continued.

When asked about her love life, Ranbir has also revealed that his love story is also not much different from the society at large. Ranbir also fell in love, even had time to feel the heartbreak. But of course he experienced not as a scene in the film.

"Yes, I was single. Not married and I like women. I am very heterosexual, so dating a woman is not a difficult thing for me. But it is not a love story in the media scene anyway," said Ranbir.

"Of course everyone also had a broken heart. But the pain was not as dramatic as in the movies," he concluded.