It has just revealed the surprising Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu. The reason is a video that describes itself in a state topless (topless) recently circulated. Worse, the video which was taken to shoot the ad was created in the 1990s!

As reported by the, Bipasha revealed that the video is now touted as the hottest ad ever played by Indian actress was made for the purpose of commercial advertising New York Lotto. At that time, Bipasha is still worked as a model who often appeared in the United States.

Bipasha Basu

"Bipasha did shoot this ad in 1999 when she was a model for Ford Modeling Agency in New York. Filming done as one of the international mission and for the international market," said manager Bipasha.

In the ad duration is 40 seconds, Bipasha plays a princess who is ready to marry the prince, played by Vivek Oberoi. Nuance India was made ​​very thick with the game music and background were taken, but the acting Bipasha considered to be too bold because he displayed undress so in some scenes looks the part his bare back. In addition, the contours of her body also seems very obvious.

If the parties have provided information related Bipasha circulation of the ad, the Vivek Oberoi refused to comment on precisely that. They do not want to talk about the ad.


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