A toddler in Bandung, West Java, has a strange habit of eating paper. 22-month-old child named Muhammad Rezky Dafa is usually devour a variety of paper types such as calendars and photo paper.

Wiwin couple's first child (24) and Suryana (25), resident RT 08/15, Village Sadang Serang, District small hole, has been used to eat paper since she was 12 months. Paper, for Dafa, has been like a snack.

"If you see a newspaper or book, be eaten," said Wiwin, Tuesday (09/20/2011).

Wiwin added, his odd habits occurs when Dafa began to crawl. Like most kids, as usual crawl Dafa grab everything around him, including paper. The habit continued until Dafa can walk.

Strange behavior makes parents worry though Dafa Dafa looks physically healthy. Yet so far the baby had never complained of pain.

Wiwin admitted that he had checked Dafa to the doctor. The result, health Dafa is fine. His weight is now nine kilograms. The weight is considered normal for the baby's age Dafa.

So also the development of brain and body that no abnormalities. Toddlers can even receive a response as to communicate.

But the habit of eating paper and Suryana Wiwin remain anxious. Parents are now trying to break it by getting rid of objects made ​​of paper at home. But because it is addictive, Dafa will cry if it does not find the paper to eat.

"Once I allow, but Dafa even crying and fussy old. Happens to me had to obey, "he continued.

Strange habit of Dafa to the attention of residents around the village. Many residents who mengok strange habits such infants.


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