If nothing gets in the way, Thai massage will break the record set forth in the Guinness World Records since two years ago. Records such as notes and Xinhua news Bangkok Post on Friday (03/06/2011), still belongs to Australia. At that time, 232 pairs of doing massage in a certain time.

Meanwhile, the activities being held in the northern province of Chiang Mai that started about four o'clock local time. Massage mass, as a statement of public health agency's officials Kanchanakamon Chiang Mai Wattana, will include at least 840 pairs of contestants. The event was a collaboration between the Ministry of Health of Thailand, the Department of Export Promotion, Tourism Authority of Thailand, following the International Thai airline. "We will promote Thai massage to the whole world," added Kanchanakamon.

Indeed, massage activities were not carried out in one place. There were 199 pairs that do Rajapruek massage in Chiang Mai. Then, 214 other pairs do massage in Ubon Ratchathani. There are 400 pairs in Surat Thani and 500 pairs in Phuket.

Since 2004, Thailand has been combining medical care, health services, and the use of herbal medicine to attract tourists. Business itself each year can reap a billion baht.


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