Halle Berry was awarded Celebrity Fragrance of the Year version of the Fifi Awards, Wednesday (25/5/2011) last week.

This Oscar-winning actress has created three best-selling perfumes, namely Halle by Halle Berry, Pure Orchid, and Reveal. He received the award in a ceremony in New York, USA, is thanks to Reveal the creation of fragrances.

"I truly believe that perfume makes women feel beautiful and confident," he said. "For years I have created my personal fragrance with a mix of perfumes, trying to produce something unique and different. It is a wonderful form of self expression and I love to share this fragrance with its users around the world," he continued .

U.S. Fragrance Foundation each year to choose a celebrity who has contributed to attract shoppers to the perfume industry. The previous award-winning, among others, Paris Hilton and Usher.

Star group Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, revealed that he was happy to get Celebrity Fragrance of the Year Award for Outspoken thanks to create the most successful perfume for Avon.


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