One of the albums that became the center of talks and expected to penetrate the very high rates is the 'Femme Fatale'. This is the pop singer's latest album, Britney Spears. Seventh album is not expected to tow the previous album's success.

Produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, Spears has followed her love of listening to Zeitgeist in dance music today. This album was created with pleasant melodies and sometimes creates tension. However, it is expected to give satisfaction to fans, both old and new fans with two children.

Luckily, Spears can be himself as a distinctive character. He was not trying to be another artist who is also 'Femme' like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and so forth. Britney's voice remains distinctive and unique, almost none of her imitation. Any person who listened to the song, instantly recognized it was Spears.

Work on this album is full of shades of electronics, is quite simple, but does not reduce the greatness of the star. In her first single, 'Hold It Against Me', Spears' voice blends with the smooth running of a typical pop character.

However, there are few instruments that can be identified in Spears songs this time. In other words, for those who like Arcade Fire album, 'The Suburbs' which won Album of the Year Grammy Awards 2011, will not select an album to-7 as a reference Britney's favorite music.

The second single, 'Till The World Ends' is the greatest song ever released in her career for 13 years. In this album, he dared to break away from the trend as he does on several songs album, 2007, 'Blackout'. Spears songs again not stale and out of the mainstream.

Additional songs that stand out and very fun, if heard on the radio was 'I Want to Go' will likely be the third single and rather low-tempo song, 'Gasoline'. "How I Roll 'in this album became a lightweight electronic music, fun, and make happy.

So did the song 'Trouble for Me' which has the interesting tone with a touch of dark and sexy. Both can be a song to accompany sleep. Some songs in this album, Spears also collaborate with other singers, such as "Drop Dead) Beautiful 'together Sabi and' Big Fat Bass' joint

"Britney may not be able to achieve her goals high in the world of astronomy, but with her album Femme Fetale this time, her career skyrocketed as a star will be more," said Jeremy Blacklow, U.S. music observer.


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