Andrew Schneider, a designer from New York, United States, created a bikini solar panels. What purpose? One of them for help when the MP3 player, cell phone or camera battery ran out when the user's center of sunbathing and lazing with her ​​bikini.

To create a bikini it, Schneider spent 80 hours. He used 40 of flexible material similar to paper, has solar panels and yarns that can conduct electricity. Of course, there are USB plug for connecting to a device that would in-charge.

One bikini solar panels is sold at 120 pounds. Scheider said, although the bikini is used to charge, but also still be used to swim. "You just need to dry before connecting (to equipment)," said Scheider.

In addition, Scheider said that users need not be afraid to feel an electric shock while wearing them. "You will not feel the flow of electricity,"said Scheider. Scheider sometime planning to make similar clothing for men.


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