Prince Harry tease Pippa Middleton, and make Chelsy Davy jealous. Not unexpectedly, due to his act, their love story foundered again .

"Chelsy see how he plays the eye with Pippa Middleton at royal wedding and it is only natural that he feels the pain of jealousy,"a source was quoted as saying of showbizspy, Friday (3/6/2011).

Chelsy patience of the man dubbed the 'bad boy' that was already exhausted. Chelsy's brother also did not see Prince Williams as a loyal kind of guy.

"Harry would never be the faithful type. In fact, if Harry propose to her, she would say no. He did not want to be a princess," said the source.

This is actually not the first time Harry and Chelsy break caused by Harry who always caught glancing at other women. They broke a few times and then re-dating.


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