Couples romance drama Katy Perry and Russell Brand are attracting attention. One of the Hollywood film company also reportedly interested in raising their story to the big screen.

Initially, the idea originated from Russell who want to make a movie about her love story. He was later on that will portray the figure of himself.

However, the idea was hampered because no one suitable to represent the woman who will be playing opposite Russell. Finally, the name of the wife as a last resort.

"Katy proposed previously, until now he is interested to try it. He wants to get into the film world," said a source at the film company as reported by Showbizspy, Friday (3/6/2011).

Katy and Russell were married on October 23, 2010 and, until now they have not blessed with a baby. It is recognized Katy because her husband is too busy with his work.

With him playing in the movie with her ​​husband, expected their time together even more and more. And of course, the most awaited Katy to be cradling a baby will be more quickly accomplished.

"The opportunity to spend time with Russell will be more and more. This will be one of them to be together,"said the source.


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