The love story movie star Amanda Seyfried & Ryan Phillippe seems to be coming back deadlocked. Having had time to connect, now their love relationship foundered again .

Asmara two movie stars it was like a drama. For approximately 7 months of going together, they had twice broken.

First in February, they decided to split. However, it did not last long, two beings that back in special touch.

"They were never committed, they always see other people," said one source as reported by Us Magazine, Friday (3/6/2011).

Even so, their decision to split up never to leave a bad impression. This is also what makes their relationship as endless. Disconnect again, disconnected again.

Seyfried and Phillipe met at a Halloween party that was held at the residence of Kate Hudson in October 2010. After that, the relationship also continues to pursue dating.


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