Renowned singer / songwriter from the UK, Amy Winehouse (28), warned doctors at a clinic in London, England, to stop the habit of getting drunk.

Grammy Award-winning five times it does have some problems related to lifestyle. Amy was a drug user and used to drinking alcoholic beverages. Despite his habit nge-drugs began to recover, recognized Ami, he remains difficult away alcohol from his life.

"Today is the last chance for Amy. The doctors do not even know anymore how to warn him because he is hard man. It's a reality that is difficult for him and he must hear it," says a colleague Amy.

When warned about it, the owner of the album Back to Black (2006) was reportedly with Mitch Winehouse, dad, along with Reg Traviss, her male friend.

A source explained to the newspaper The Sun, "Both (Mitch and Reg) worried about Amy's condition. Mitch also still feel the grief because her daughter recently had the dependence on drugs. But, it looks like Amy will try to get out of this problem. "

Other sources also mention, the vocalist who is able to sell the album Back to Black was up to 10 million copies around the world will choose rehab for some time to come. Amy has entered a rehabilitation center on Thursday (5/26/2011) ago.

This decision is not strange because before, between 2007-2009, a singer born in London, England, 14 September 1983, has also been associated rehabilitated the same problem.

Rehab process will certainly disrupt the schedule of album promo Amy at European festivals this summer in Spain.

An other source said, "He finally completed the album and is ready to launch. They (home recording of Island Records) live even finalize the release date. Today, he's rehab for a given time. But, still not clear when the release date until they know when Amy came out (of rehab). "


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