The spokesman of actress Blake Lively said, a series of nude photos of stars like teen series Gossip Girl on the internet that make a scene in recent 100 percent false.

The photographs are composed of five photographs was a conversation after a spread in a number of major gossip sites. In the photo it looks a blond woman who took pictures of themselves with the iPhone in front of the bathroom mirror.

"Blake Lively will not be happy about this," says celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, as quoted by Reuters.

Another site, Zap2lt, explained that the five photographs of different years was shot.

In the four photos, the woman's face covered by a cell phone. The fifth photo is too vague to ascertain the truth. However, a spokeswoman for the actress who clean bercitra hesitated.

"Blake Lively photos that appear in various sites one hundred percent false. Blake never took pictures of her own," said a spokesman for the actress who reportedly is dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Lively spokesman added that Lively would take legal action against anyone who published photos of it.

Lively popular teen series Gossip Girl thanks. Earlier this year he signed a contract as the new face of Channel handbags Mademoiselle advertising campaign.


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