In Southeast Asia, like Indonesia and Malaysia we know the ice puter made of coconut milk without using cream. flavor that is used is also typical of Indonesia, such as Kopyor, Advocates, and green beans. There are also ice cut from the neighboring country with the basic ingredients coconut milk but with the presentation should be cut first, then stabbed into sticks or sandwiched with bread (ice cream sandwiches sand).

in Japan, ice cream made from maccha green tea ice cream and red bean Ogura, there is also a mochi ice cream that is made of mochi cake batter.


in India, a popular ice cream called kulfi is made from buffalo milk with additional flavorings pistachios, mango, cardamom, and saffron.


in Turkey, a popular ice cream is dondurma, ice cream made from goat's milk with a blend sachlav (the root of a type of wild orchid Turkey smoothed).


On the other America anymore, because people are enthusiasts of solid foods taste and portions, then blend ice cream with cookies, caramel and nuts plus a larger portion (can be double sized ampe triple scoop of ice cream etc) so the country's favorite ice-cream leader Obama This


In France, a popular ice cream is ice cream with liqueur levels (sort of beverage alcohol in the wine / beer) high.


In Italy, a popular ice cream is the sole mio Gelatoo also has sorbetto from southern Italy with the characteristic flavors of lemon and orange.


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