Egyptian archaeological sights again increased with the inclusion of the temple shrine crocodile god into the tourism map. The Egyptian government earlier this month has opened an information center for tourists in Madinet, Madi, Fayoum area located south of Cairo. At that location there are temples dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek from Scedet named as the patron god of the region.

The temple was built during the reign of Amenemhat III (about 1859-1813 BC) and Amenemhat IV (about 1814-1805 BC) is equipped with two roads in the middle there is the statue of a lion and the sphinx. In it there are 10 Coptic churches of the 5th century until the 7th and the ruins of Ptolemaic temple dedicated to the crocodile god.

This temple has a vaulted barrel structure that is used for incubation of crocodile eggs. According to the Edda Bresciani, the Egyptian historian from Pisa University, the structure shows that the temple was used as a breeding place of the sacred crocodiles. At the time of excavation (digging), his team discovered dozens of crocodile eggs with different levels of maturity in a hole covered with a layer of sand. Meanwhile in a nearby room they found the pool are well maintained.

According to Bresciani, the crocodiles were brought up only to be killed. Then after embalmed, the crocodiles were sold to the pilgrims who visit Sobek temple. By other evidence found in the sacred crocodile business in another building nearby, where there are other ponds and found 60 other crocodile eggs.


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