Undeniably, all men around the world like her beautiful face and attractive. Moreover, if supported by sexy body.

a woman sexy rating is determined by the appearance of a fantastic body and invite the passion and imagination of its diverse forms, especially her breasts. Really?

According to one study, the breast is the physical part of the most attractive woman, eye-catching, containing the elements of teasing, contains a very high sensuality that deliberately hidden at once.

For some men, what is seen from her appearance? Head, feet, hands? surely you often hear the chatter among the men when viewing the appearance of a woman who suck up attention, .. 'crazy her body is really sexy woman! It's perfect breast!

Proved that the body healthy and sexy women who attract the attention of the opposite sex more, especially her partner. One of the most highlighted parts of the body is a breast. So no wonder if the beautiful breasts also gives an aura of beauty to the whole body of its owner.

At least a woman's breasts become a symbol of the subconscious of every human being as a convenience and security, especially for men. While in many Western cultures, especially in America, often abused breasts as objects of erotic power.

In line with the fact that expand, the opinion of men also differ on the breast. But essentially, they really admire and appreciate its beauty.

"My wife is very beautiful breasts. Her skin was very soft, light and chewy like a large pearl, "I am a man, 34 years old and have been married.

Another man joined comment. He said that during his life he had never seen a breast that is not liked. For some men might be concerned about the right size and good size.

Indeed, women and men are equally created a cultural dynamics of the breast as a sexual object. The proof is not a few women who tried to raise the breasts to attract men. In fact, according to the man who could tempt them are not always large breasts.

As reported by the Graceglamour, 70% of men claimed the woman's body is the most sexy and attractive is the breast. So, not a surprising fact anymore.

Interest in men will be breast, many women also understood. Because it was slightly weaker sex who climbed onto the operating table to get a more attractive breast shape or in other words, bigger.

But apparently not the only measure the magnetic pull for men. Men found attention to form, proportion, and firmness in addition to breast size.

Although considered a woman's breasts are very large but not proportionate to the body, it is also not attractive to men.

According to some men, breasts are tight, perfectly shaped and is located quite high in the chest area is an attractive breast. In essence, he not only saw the breast alone but as one whole package with her body as a whole. [Ast]


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