Junk food is often a choice of food for you who super busy. A new study has found that people who consume lots of fast food (junk food) will have a shrinking brain. Really?

Junk food is known as the type of foods that are high in calories, but no nutritional value. It turned out that these foods not only can lead to disease, can also make the brain shrink.

Someone who frequently eat junk food will lead to being overweight even obese because of the high fat content. And this excess fat can make the brain known to be shrinking.

These foods not only can alter the physical structure of the brain, but also lead to memory problems and increased risk of dementia and to make old parts of the brain gray become older faster, which is approximately 16 years earlier.

Researchers found that the brains of people who are overweight and obese have an average size of 4-8% smaller than healthy people.

This is because the blood does not easily enter the blood vessels, making it difficult to reach the brain that trigger the occurrence of lack of oxygen and brain cells eventually die.

As quoted from Dailymail, Paul Thompson, professor of neurology at the University of Los Angeles explained, someone definitely understood that fatty foods can clog the arteries so bad for the heart, and this condition is exactly similar to those seen in blood vessels in the brain.

Thompson added that the average person lost 0.5% of the brain within a year. But for people who are obese will lose 4% of his brain that he suffered brain aging faster.

Areas that experienced the shrinkage is most common in the reasoning, assessment and processing of long-term memories. Because of excess weight can change people's minds.

Therefore if you want part of your brain does not experience aging and shrinking more quickly, stay away from foods high in calories like junk food so that blood flow to the brain is disrupted. [Mor]


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