Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), will release a documentary film production through the online realm. Work that previously had never seen it told the public about the two CIA officers who were captured in China at a secret mission in 1952. The tip of the arrest is a prison for both.

The Associated Press (AP) obtains a copy of the film thanks Act Freedom of Information.

Entitled "Extraordinary Fidelity", a film by rotating one-hour period that combines footage as well as their re-occurrence image depicts the situation for the sake of the officers who were shot when restoring a Chinese spy who worked for the CIA in the territory of Manchuria, northern China.

Two pilots were killed. However, the two CIA officers - Richard G. Fecteau and John T. Downey - released in succession in 1971 and 1973.

"Extraordinary Fidelity” was initially only circulated among internally. But the CIA decided to publish after the AP managed to get it.

CIA plans to broadcast the documentary via YouTube.

Some scenes show the ambush and the interrogation of the officer who was captured by Chinese soldiers.

Directed by Paul Wimmer, formerly known as a producer and director of documentary tragedy of 11 September entitled "The Pentagon under Fire," the film was done by the CIA's Center for Intelligence Studies. (AP)


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