Kim Kardashian Looks like life cannot be separated from the reality show. Since 2007 the last celebrity on this one are part of the show Keeping UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS and it seems almost no part of Kim's life apart from the camera. In fact, to show his engagement with Kris Humphries, too, so the reality show.

According to Splash News, this is indeed an engagement process towards the team immortalized Keeping UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS. In one scene, shown Kris was talking with Bruce Jenner, Kim's stepfather and asked for permission to marry Kim. Bruce is surprised had said, "Wow, you really serious?" After that scene change when Kris applying for Kim.

"Will you marry me?" Kris said on Kim Kardashian. In addition, couples who have started to close since last December is also briefly described intimate kissing on the deck of a boat. Keeping latest Season UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS scheduled to begin airing on network television E! on 12 June. (SPL / rock)

Kim Kardashian


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