Always wanted to look young is the desire of many people. However, to maintain the youthfulness of skin and body, often a lot of women justifies any means, including tempted to taste a wide range of cosmetic products.

In fact, if the wrong product can actually make skin look older and wrinkles. If you want to look young and fresh every day, try to look younger tips quoted from page follows:

1. Use a moisturizer
To keep skin fresh and moist, use a skin moisturizer on face and body. Choose a moisturizer that is suitable for you, and apply two times a day regularly, morning and evening after bathing.

2. Try a natural teeth whitening
Over time, the color of yellowed teeth can be due to consumption of coffee, tea or wine. This condition makes you look older. You can whiten teeth quickly with natural products. Use strawberries mixed with baking soda is believed to whiten teeth in a flash. Or, brush your teeth regularly, also can remove stains on teeth.

3. Smile
This simple behavior can make your face more fresh and bright. Smile also makes you feel young.

4. Sleep enough
Lack of sleep can cause the eyes look puffy, pale and dull skin and facial skin looks relaxed. To do that enough sleep for 7-8 hours per night you look more refreshed appearance.

5. Use the right cosmetics
Dry skin can show older age. Do not use cosmetics with shotgun powder if your skin including dry skin types. Because, powder blushes tend to make fine lines and wrinkles look more real. Better, use a cream product, for smooth strokes obscured.

6. Always use sunscreen
Always use sunscreen to protect your skin. Khsus to face, only use in the region T (forehead, nose, and chin areas), if you have oily skin.

7. Avoid mascara is too thick
Mascara Wipe with a tissue before applying to the eyelashes to look more natural. And, use pelentik lashes before using mascara.

8. Lips moist
Use a moisturizing lipstick, avoid matte lipsticks, because it can make the lips look dry, and cause lines on the lips. If you do not want to wear lipstick color, try lip balm or lip gloss. Nuance slightly darker than natural lip color will brighten your skin.

9. Expand the white water
Drink 6-8 glasses a day is the recommended amount, and will keep the skin protected from dehydration.

10. Standing Upright
Stand up straight and confident. Not only will make you look five years younger, it will make you look thinner 4 kg in a matter of seconds.


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