How do you know if someone is a stalker? What makes them do what they do to others without remorse or compassion? It is really hard to comprehend how these people think. A lot of victims who have been at the mercy of these obsessive tormentors are wondering the same thing.

There are different kinds of stalkers but the one thing that seems to be the same is their obsessive need to win that girl or guy. They generally all have a profound problem with rejection and insecurity and tend to be delusional.

One type even believes that their victim is in love with them even when the opposite is true. A girl could be spouting profanities in their direction and they would see this as an act of love. This kind of stalker would have you tearing your hair out as nothing a victim could do would get through to them

Most stalkers suffer from an over extended ego but there is a type that thinks they are a gift from the heavens to all men and women. This stalker imagines them self as a kind of emperor or sultan where there are most likely hordes of beautiful women lying at their feet. Sounds amusing I think not because when this kind of bloated ego gets the rejection card watch out. Can you imagine offending one of these types without feeling the sting of their revenge tail?

A stalker you would never want to meet in a dark alley is probably the nastiest of them all. There motivation is entirely sexual and they are extremely dangerous. All stalkers can be a threat to others but this one is a real menace. If this predator stalker is knocking on your door your will need a lot of help to eradicate them as their desire for gratification can make them unstoppable.

The cyberstalker is making their presence felt on the Internet. Here they can prey on an unsuspecting person in the chat rooms without having to give away their true identity. The Internet has become the stalkers new playground while the lonely and gullible their fixation. The good news is that there are online warnings everywhere and even though there have been some unspeakable tragedies the message is getting through. Cutting all ties with a potential online stalker is the recommended action to take. Unfortunately some offline stalkers are using spy ware systems to extract information about their victims. There is no mountain they will not climb to get what they want.

Obsession narcissism and anti social behaviour are but a few of their built in behaviours. These guys seem to have missed the boat when they were handing out a conscience, as the crimes they commit in the name of their delusional love are horrendous. They will continue their dark deeds till they often end up behind bars. The exhaustion that shows on the face of many victims is an indicator of how long it took to bring them to justice.

It is not surprising that some think that a stalker will go if they are served with a court order. Not always the case. They do not seem to have any regard for the law and I believe they think they are above it. No wonder with that kind of ego. Maybe that is why they literally hang themselves by being overly confident making them easy prey for law enforcement agencies to arrest them and send them to jail.

A secret to beating a stalker is to know how they tick. It is hard to believe that people like them exist. But the fact is they do. They are wired differently and have a different vision. If you see them like that it will be helpful in your battle against them. No body wants to be a stalker victim or have their life so interrupted.


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