Rihanna's upset this time seems inappropriate. The reason is, no more than 10 days, sensual singer is once again received scathing criticism from the parent foundation of TV viewers because of her appearance. And this time the cause is a video clip that was just released, Man Down.

Song Umbrella singer, who suffered beatings from her boyfriend, Chris Brown, in the year 2009 has just released her music video on cable TV station, BET, on Tuesday (31 / 5) last. Society for the parents (PTC - Parents Television Council) was immediately launched a murder scene criticism because the man who told rape Rihanna.

In her music video, Rihanna is described as a rape victim who retaliated by shooting dead rapist at a train station. Rihanna also stated via Twitter account that the message they want conveyed is that our young girls and always keep ourselves alert to predatory men.

However, PTC did not seem to agree. They think Rihanna's a bad example by displaying a 'planned murder committed in cold blood' and not considered illegal, as reported by TMZ.com. The protesters also called for stop showing this video.

"If Chris Brown shot a woman in her new video clip, then the whole world will tell him to stop. Rihanna should not be allowed to get away with it," said PTC representative. This is the second time Rihanna criticized PTC. The first is with Britney Spears appearance at the Billboard Music Awards event which is considered too Nudity.


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