Previously, MTV has announced that a clip from the TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART I will be shown at the MTV Movie Awards which was held on Monday (5 / 6) future. Apparently, this clip is a piece of scene that much-anticipated, namely Edward and Bella's wedding!

Before playing in full on Monday, a 15-second snippet was released to MTV to 'tease' the fans. Not much to see in this short clip, which makes the fans more curious.

Kristen Stewart, the actor Bella, was not highlighted in full, dark hair that looks just wrapped bridal crown. However, Robert Pattinson, actor Edward, seen in full, was waiting at the altar of which seemed to be built in the middle of the forest, along with the guests who smiled waiting for the penganting women.

The last movie was enough the first part of this long-awaited fans. The reason is, there will be many special and intimate scenes which differ from the previous films, including wedding, honeymoon, birth, and new actors.


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