There is one the most legendary love story in Hollywood. The love story between the late Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton is reportedly going to be enjoyed by fans of Hollywood movies as Martin Scorsese has pairs square off for directed. The parties agree and are just waiting for a decision from the other party.

Paramount Pictures is currently holding negotiations with the family of the late Elizabeth Taylor while the family of the late Richard Burton had given their blessing. Martin Scorsese is installed as a director even though until now there has been no news about who would play Liz and Richard.

In the news reported by Splash News mentioned that Julie Yorn, Gary Foster, Russ Krasnoff, and Martin Scorsese will be the producer of the film adaptation of a book by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger this. Martin Scorsese himself, including a respected director in Hollywood. Finally he was working on SHUTTER ISLAND whereas this year he will release a movie titled.


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