Score one million album sales in the calculation may not include a phenomenal rate. Many bands or musicians that his album sold more than that number. What makes it so special is because the figure was reached BORN THIS WAY in just one week alone. Looks like Lady GaGa did have a lot of fans who could not wait for the emergence of this album.

According to Splash News, BORN THIS WAY sold 1.11 million copies in first week of release. It recorded the highest album sales figures since the year 2005. At that 50 Cent had recorded a phenomenal number, 1.14 million and did not successfully compete with anyone until Lady GaGa launched BORN THIS WAY May 23 last.

This data is taken from the records of the Nielsen Soudscan that has begun to record the album sales figures since 1991 last. This achievement is impressive even though the total BORN THIS WAY ranked only 17th of the albums that sold over 1 million copies in a matter of one's first week.


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