NOT easy to run two labels at once, especially if one of them is a big label with history and tradition for 46 years as Emanuel Ungaro.

Meanwhile, other labels carry the same breath at all contrasts. Giles Deacon reveal all in an interview with Creative Director Audi Fashion Festival (AFF) Singapore Colin McDowell and fashion journalists in the arena AFF Singapore 2011.

Colin McDowell (CM): How was it designed for Emanuel Ungaro and your own label, Giles?

Giles Deacon (GD): It feels amazing and for me is a very challenging job because of Emanuel Ungaro is a label that carries the image of high-end, while Giles is a label with style highstreet. However, do they become a phenomenal experience for me.

CM: How do you distinguish a process of both the brand?

GD: Emanuel Ungaro and Giles are the two branddengan personality and character that berbeda.Terdapat many contrasting elements in it. So, what I do is define these contrasting elements to reinforce the identity of each brand.

However, slightly different for Ungaro by Ungaro is the brand that is well known. Therefore, for Ungaro, I tried to respect the traditions of the brand and give a new breath through a more contemporary style.

CM: So, what makes you can continue to draw inspiration for both the brand?

GD: Well, I myself are fans of the work of Emanuel Ungaro. So, dig up the archives of Ungaro is one of my way to get inspiration. Meanwhile, to make my ideas stay fresh, I do travel, looking for inspiration and something new in the world. I think traveling is also a collection that I earn much more globally relevant and can be used by women in anywhere in the world.

CM: Speaking of global consumer, what is your opinion on e-commerce that was fun today?

GD: Yes, very exciting watching online sales which increased over the last few years. However, my own opinion of consumers desire to come to the store and see the products offered have not lost. So, the shop still plays an important role in the sales and brand image even though online sales are also helpful.

CM: And about technology?

GD: Technology and fashion do fusion, both in terms of marketing and design, and in my opinion, when the technology could be adapted to both the fashion and then responded to positively by consumers, it means that fashion is still considered important. We can see it from a number of gadgets that present the more fashionable lately. CM: What about the red carpet, is it still significant? Especially considering Ungaro often chosen as a fashion red carpet.

GD: I think the market for the red carpet has been tested and proved still remained significant. However, to maintain market also depends on the quality of the movies and the celebrities involved. Ungaro himself always emphasized to design for global customers. So, I think red carpet market will continue to be relevant to Ungaro.

CM: So you own? How do you receive the advances in technology? Especially if we talk about social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

GD: I know this may sound strange, but I do not nge-tweet. I even often puzzled to see that people could take the time to write the status or update their tweets, because I myself do not have time for that. I also did not write the blog even though my studio to do it. However, I am grateful to the convenience afforded by technology.

CM: Finally, what has always been a major inspiration for you and what is most important to you in designing?

GD: The people always inspired me, and art. However, most make me inspired are the ones who make the world because they are so colorful. For design, I am concerned with the statement. Because for me, good clothing is clothing that can "talk", which provoked comment when charged. And, if I design clothes could provoke comment, I would be very happy.


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