FOLLOW trace the perpetrators of other European fashion, the famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin is also planning to conquer the Chinese market. Louboutin's first boutique will be located in Beijing and will be opened in July 2011.

While the second boutique in Shanghai, will follow in December. In an interview with Bloomberg, Louboutin says that opening a boutique in China aims to meet consumer demand, while accommodating the growth of the Chinese luxury product consumers continues to grow.

In addition, Louboutin says that he plans to open five boutiques in the next three years.

From the business side, the steps undertaken Louboutin is the right decision. The reason is, now China is the second largest luxury market in the world and will become the largest market within the next five years.

Global financial services firm Credit Suisse AG predicts total household wealth in China will increase two-fold to USD35 trillion in 2015, passing Japan and become the second largest in Asia.

Although niche market looks tempting, Louboutin is still fairly new player in the Chinese market over the last few years continue to enter the European and American fashion players.

"China is a very potential market gap, but still there are risks that must be faced Louboutin because his brand is still less known to the public in China," said James Roy, senior market analyst at China Market Research Group.

Currently Louboutin mostly sells footwear collection network design through premium department stores and retailers in China, like Lane Crawford and On Pedder. Meanwhile, mandirinya store can only be found in Hong Kong.

Even so, remain optimistic Louboutin's label will be accepted by consumers in China. In addition, he will try to attract the attention of Chinese consumers by offering a collection of local breathing.

"From my research, I see that the consumers of Asia, especially China, did not really like pointy toes with the right shoe that is too high," explains Louboutin shoes which then presents a collection of endless round with the right medium for Chinese consumers.

In addition, Louboutin says will retain manufacturing its products in Italy which was one factor image of the label for most Chinese consumers.

Besides Louboutin, the footwear label other high-end that also continues to expand its market in China is Salvatore Ferragamo. Brand is synonymous with the names of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, and Jennifer Lopez is planning to open seven to nine independent stores in China during 2011. Currently, labels of origin Florence, Italy, has been has 50 standalone stores in 32 major cities in China.


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