WASHINGTON - An asteroid that has a size of a truck seen near the Earth on Wednesday night. Distance asteroids into Earth even closer than the Moon!

As quoted from MSNBC on Friday (06/03/2011), along the 7 meter asteroid is named as the 2009 BD. Closest distance to Earth asteroid is 346 thousand kilometers, while the distance of the Moon with the Earth itself is approximately 385 thousand kilometers.

The researchers say that the asteroid 2009 BD will not threaten the Earth. "But although asteriod it hit the Earth, will not cause damage," said the researchers.

"2009 BD is a small object, a length of 7 meters, and will not pose a threat," wrote the scientists through NASA Asteroid Watch.

"The object of this size would be destroyed in our atmosphere and will not cause damage," they added.

Small size of the asteroid is also made difficult by the observer to examine. "A large telescope is needed to see it," said the researchers.

"After reaching the closest distance, the asteroid 2009 BD will continue to accompany the Earth in its journey around the sun, until next month," said they.

Because anomalinya, the asteroid 2009 BD is not an ordinary asteroid. Astronomers call it "co-orbital object '. Scientists speculate that this type asteriod fractions derived from the Moon.

Parties NASA said that the possibility that an asteroid will hit Earth in 2009 BD is very small. "Only approximately 1 in 50 thousand," said NASA party.

"Space rock the size of a washing machine into the Earth's atmosphere every month, but most of them burned up in the atmosphere before reaching the ground," concluded the researchers.


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