BEIJING - China again had the honor of assembling variants of the Mercedes-Benz. GLK compact crossover is made ​​at the factory of Beijing, Beijing Benz Automotive Co. or BBAC.

Mercedes-Benz GLK is the third model from Mercedes assembled in Beijing. Having previously been made ​​Mercy long wheelbase E-Class and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

"There is no doubt in our long term commitment to China. Local production for the Mercedes-Benz model is an important element of our growth strategy for China market, "said Ulrich Walker, Chairman & CEO of Daimler East Asia.

Mercedes-Benz GLK is intended for local markets of China. The German manufacturer has said it plans a long-term in generating two-thirds of the total of all cars sold in China in 2015.

Mercedes capable of removing 168,940 vehicles in its entirety in China (including Hong Kong) from January to November 2011. Greater ambitions proclaimed until 2015 with the release of 300,000 units per year.


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