Not one month of marriage, Prince William decided to divorce Kate Middleton. It is said that the prince regretted the decision he made and he was never loved her. Now, he felt relieved to be back to single status. Shocked? Well, this is actually only hoax news is rumored to The Onion that are specialist news parody and satire.

"I do not know what I think at the time - we are not a great couple, I never loved him, and to be honest from the beginning I was not interested in getting married," said Prince William as reported by the media which was founded by Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson. Of course this is not the result of interviews with Prince William because this news is only news joke.

The news was described as if Prince William is being held a press conference. Hearing this news was immediately stunned silence journalists. After that, Prince William, still in the scenario of The Onion, says, "People think if our marriage like in the fairy tale story but it really just fakes ceremony that horrible out of control." Once finished with his official statement, Prince William said, "Well, see you all later."

This is not the first time, The Onion makes tantrum. Earlier this media also briefly reported that Justin Bieber is actually a 51-year-old male.


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