Sister-in-law involved in forbidden love with Ryan Gigs, Natasha, said that he had to abort her womb the result of an intimate relationship with Giggs. According to reports the News of the World, Natasha pay of 500 pounds to abort her womb.

Worse yet, Natahsa an abortion is only a few weeks before the wedding with Giggs's brother, Rhodri Giggs, was held.

"You know it can only be solved in one way, namely abortion. We cannot destroy the lives of all people," she said.

Natasha also revealed that she start an affair with Giggs since March 2003 ago and she claims began to pregnant in April 2010.

At that time, she make love with Giggs after the match Manchester United against Tottenham Hotspur in which Giggs scored twice.

Women who worked as marketing the property and then have an abortion at a clinic in Stockport, Greater Manchester, on June 3, 2010 and married Rhodri two weeks later.

Ryan giggs - natasha


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